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Our Management

Hannah Steer

Hannah Steer, President and CEO of TiffanyRose Consultants, LLC, is a North Carolina native with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Livingstone College. After college, Hannah gained 10+ years of experience working in nonprofit and for-profit organizations, allowing her to acquire a broad range of expertise in multiple areas.

Hannah specializes in Auditing & Accounting, IT, Marketing, Counseling, Client Services, Special Needs Advocacy, and Business Management, with interest in professional support and problem-solving. Her ability to motivate and inspire others has significantly contributed to her success, and she is always willing to share her expertise and experience with others. Hannah believes advocating for change means empowering individuals, offering guidance, and caring for yourself and others.

Client's Reviews

We take pride in our work, accomplishments and make sure that our clients are well supported but don't just take our word for it see some of our reviews.

“Hannah’s commitment to her clients is unprecedented. There has never been a time where I’ve reached out and she hasn’t not only replied in a timely manner but made herself available. The thought processes she uses to make her moves and decisions are so eye-opening and a breath of fresh air. I would definitely 10/10 recommend Hannah for all of your needs moving forward”.

Elizabeth Herring


“The work of Hannah Steer at TiffanyRose Consultants, LLC is unparalleled. The turnaround time was quick, and I was updated frequently on the status of the assigned projects.  As the result of Hannah’s work, our outreach has increased, donations have steadily come in, and our message is reaching the masses. Working with Hannah is quite refreshing to say the least.”

Jacari W. Harris

Executive Director, The George Floyd Memorial Foundation

“Hannah’s work was exemplary and very professional. Hannah pays excellent attention to detail and delivers on every project. I’d highly recommend working with TiffanyRose Consultants, LLC.“

Ed Swan

CEO/President, Black Wall Street Money